100% Western Cedar


Pergolas, sometimes called "arbors", are a great way to add an airy resort-style living space right in your own backyard. Dappled sunlight filters through slats on the flat canopy and you can choose the model that creates just the right amount of shadow for you. Since every pergola is custom designed and professionally built you also have the option of combining multiple pergolas or pergola/pavilion combinations to create the retreat of your dreams right at home!


The Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C. Premier Pergola model is one of our most popular designs. Its brawny 8" x 8" posts support a canopy that can span up to 20' between posts giving you plenty of open area. The double-headers are cut from 2"x10" Western Red Cedar forming the base for a more tightly spaced set of joists and stripping. The Premier offers more shading from overhead sun than both the Deluxe and Standard model.


The Deluxe Pergola model in the Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C. line-up is a great buy and also offers double-headers like the Premier Pergola model, but in a scaled down size. With the 2"x8" double-headers on the Deluxe Pergola model, you can still achieve a generous 16' maximum span between the 6"x6" posts. The 2"x2" stripping is spaced 6" on-center perpendicular to the 2"x6" cedar joists (which are placed 16" on-center) allowing moderate amounts of sunlight to shine through.


Our Standard Pergola model has a clean, streamlined look and allows more sunshine to stream through the canopy - perfect for sun lovers who prefer less shade than what is available on Lawn Master Outdoor Living, L.L.C.'s Premier and Deluxe Pergola models. Single, 2"x8" headers can span up to 12' between the 6"x6" posts and form the base for an airy canopy. Joists are set 24" on-center and the 2"x2" stripping is spaced 8" on center providing 'just enough' shade.

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